SAP Customer Center of Excellence

Virtual Global Summit
April 5-7, 2022

Rise with SAP and the SAP Customer CoE

Session Recordings Available On-Demand

Damien Johnson – Chief Architect – Global RISE Ecosystems

Traditional COE structures and processes have been developed with the traditional on-premise mentality and skills. With RISE with SAP, customers, and partners have to adapt to a cloud delivery model, in order to take advantage of the full benefits that RISE with SAP brings. In this session we provide an introduction to how traditional SAP COE operations need to adapt and adopt for continual innovation.
Damien Johnson – Chief Architect – Global RISE Ecosystems
Laz Uriza – Business & Sales Strategy Director – WW SAP on Azure Strategy Lead
Taking a closer look at the RISE with SAP model, to see how the new operating models impact customer COEs. We analyze the roles and responsibilities matrix than comes with RISE with SAP and how these functions enable better access to business innovation opportunities.

Ritu Raj Sharma – Vice President

Businesses, like living beings, are constantly driven by their instincts to survive, grow, sustain and flourish. Infosys terms this as a business being a Live Enterprise. Using the SAP RISE construct, Infosys enables organisations to become sentient, innovative, connected, observable evolvable and agile, or simply put – Live Enterprises. This session will provide an insight into how companies can leverage exciting technological as well as business process innovation that RISE with SAP provides. The session will get into the individual elements of RISE and provide insights, for example, into how open and cloud native developments can be leveraged within the SAP ecosystems.

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