SAP Customer Center of Excellence

Virtual Global Summit
April 5-7, 2022

Application Lifecycle Management

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Michael Klöffer – Chief Product Owner, Customer Experience and Solutions
Understand how SAP Solution Manager can be augmented with Signavio and Tricentis tools to help you manage the complete lifecycle of your applications. Design your current business processes in Signavio and transform them into next-generation business processes by building and managing directly from requirements in SAP Solution Manager. See how you can test the implementation of these new requirements with SAP Solution Manager and Tricentis tools before deployment, and how you can smoothly operate your new solution.
Tim Steuer – VP, Application Lifecycle Management
SAP has always strived to bring innovation and stability into our customer’s business, by providing the ability to transform and follow the speed of change at the same time. For Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), the transformation to the cloud is a topic which directly goes deep into the core of what ALM is about. Implementing, operating, and improving systems, applications and processes are core ALM values to support your journey to the intelligent enterprise. Join us for essential next steps and learn how ALM supports your transformation today!
Tim Steuer – VP, Application Lifecycle Management
Ben Schneider – Product Manager, Application Lifecycle Management
SAP’s ALM tools like SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM offer an impressive set of features and functions that support your transformation to the intelligent enterprise. In this session you will get to know the key features of SAP Cloud ALM, be provided with “food for thought” ideas on how to plan your transition from SAP Solution Manager to SAP Cloud ALM, and define your future ALM strategy.
John Krakowski – Senior Product Manager – Application Lifecycle Management
Evan Stoddard – Senior Product Manager – Application Lifecycle Management
Transforming to the intelligent enterprise is a sea change for our customer’s business processes and system landscapes requiring Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to effectively support the business.
The focus of this session is the importance of ALM for SAP’s core products like SAP S/4HANA Cloud (on-premise), SAP S/4HANA Cloud (public) and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition. Learn how to leverage the capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM to support transformation in your environments and effectively manage implementation and operations with the different deployment options in mind.
Thomas Merta – Director, Customer Experience and Solutions
SAP Cloud ALM for Operations is the cloud-based operation platform to help customers on their journey to become an intelligent enterprise from an application operation perspective. Built on modern cloud technology and cost-efficient, SAP Cloud ALM addresses the specific operation needs of cloud-centric solution landscapes, enabling operational excellence and ensuring business continuity through monitoring and alerting. In this session, we will provide a general overview and introduce the latest innovations as well as providing quick wins and an outlook.

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