Cloud Innovation and Transformation

As organizations update their systems and infrastructure to build a platform for future innovation, many are looking at the cloud to help them achieve these goals. Their goals behind these plans, as we saw in research on How Business Leaders are Scaling Platforms and Innovation, are an ability to support new business models, improved analytics, and an ability to adopt and support cloud applications more effectively. These cloud applications and services can be the most important part of any plan for innovation. Between the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) and services offered by the hyperscalers, organizations have multiple options to establish a platform for innovation and transformation.

While many already have transformation plans in progress that start with updating systems and infrastructure. Next comes redesigning and re-engineering business processes to meet today’s needs. But just as important is the need to innovate. This is more complex than transformation because it is not as simple as updating a process or replacing hardware. In fact, focusing on trying to build innovation into an organization can sometimes be counterproductive.

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