Discussing Process Mining With Chris GrossBaier from Celonis

Discussing Process Mining With Chris GrossBaier from Celonis

Process Mining as a Strategic Tool in SAP Ecosystem

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Methods like Six Sigma and lean have for decades illustrated how eliminating inefficiencies in business processes help reduce operating cost and improve Return on Investment (ROI). The advent of process mining, which sits at the intersection of Business Process Management (BPM) and data mining, is a powerful technology leveraged by companies to find process inefficiencies and bottlenecks to optimize their processes. Investing in process mining can provide competitive differentiator capabilities in many aspects, but one of them that emerges as a prominent differentiator in the SAP technology ecosystem is the ability to maximize value from SAP S/4HANA investment. 

To discuss this specific application of process mining technology in the SAP ecosystem, SAPinsider recently invited Chris Gross Baier from Celonis for a discussion on the increasingly critical role of process mining solutions in SAP technology ecosystems and how SAPinsiders need to strategize about leveraging these solutions. 

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