Planning the move from on-premise to the cloud

Planning the move from on-premise to the cloud

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For SAP customers who are currently using on-premise human capital management (HCM) solutions, a move to the cloud represents the opportunity to take advantage of the latest innovation and to create more personalized, engaging experiences for people in their organizations. It also requires a knowledge of the benefits of the latest product and technology innovation and a thorough understanding of how the shift from HCM to human experience management (HXM) will impact their people and processes.

Keynote Announced!

Keynote | Move to the Cloud with Human Experience Management

As an HR leader, people are your business. How do you engage them with engaging experiences, the right guidance, and the tools required to support your business strategy? By moving to the cloud. Be among the first to gain insights from a new study, jointly conducted by SAP and SAPinsider, as to the benefits of moving to the cloud. Understand what SAP is doing to help customers along the journey from a product perspective. Hear first-hand from an organization who partnered with SAP to move to the cloud to effectively manage and engage their people.

A Message from Imran Sajid:

Imran Sajid of SAP SuccessFactors will be speaking on a customer panel, Interactive Discussion | Continuous improvement in an Employee Central Payroll environment and his sessions, Solution Roadmap | SAP SuccessFactors Core HR, Time Management, and Payroll and A look at recent innovations in Core HR, Time Management, and Payroll at our Elevate to HXM Summit. Join Imran and the SAP SuccessFactors leadership team on February 24, 2021!

Message from AJ Whalen

Agenda at a Glance:​

  • Keynote | Move to the Cloud with Human Experience Management
  • Solution Roadmap | SAP SuccessFactors Core HR, Time Management, and Payroll
  • A look at recent innovations in Core HR, Time Management, and Payroll
  • Interactive Discussion | Continuous improvement in an Employee Central Payroll environment
  • Interactive Discussion | The current state of time management and workforce management
  • Q&A | Accelerating the journey to HR 3.0
  • Interactive Discussion | Employee experience strategies and trends

Elevate to HXM Tracks:

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Modernize your ERP with SAP Signature Management by DocuSign

With the current state of business being abruptly executed at home, the need to be able to sign and manage documents quickly, from any device, anywhere, has become a necessity. DocuSign eSignature can modernize the way you send and sign agreements on SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA private cloud. This solution, sold as SAP Signature Management by DocuSign, enables organizations to execute signed agreements quickly and securely from within the ERP modules you use every day. It provides core integration functions that rapidly connect your SAP ERP modules to DocuSign eSignature capabilities, including sales quotes, contracts, bills of lading, vendor agreements, POs, invoices, and more.

Talent Attraction in a Changed Economy: How to Adapt, Grow, and Move Forward Today

The world of recruiting has changed significantly since the beginning of 2020. Companies and candidates have different needs, and the strategies for hiring are changing. How should companies think about talent attraction during and after this unprecedented time?

The value of SAP SuccessFactors – Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll

Moving your HCM technology to the cloud presents an opportunity to digitally transform your business. This informative session will examine the business drivers that are leading companies to adopt SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll – discussing the benefits and results those companies are achieving as a result of this process and technology transformation. You will hear best practices, lessons learned, and actionable advice to help you and your organization more effectively plan for and implement SAP SuccessFactors.


Meet the Women Steering the ship at SAP SuccessFactors

A unique and inspiring aspect of the SAP SuccessFactors organization is that the three individuals at the helm of product direction and delivery are women. What’s even more impressive is the influence these women are having on their customers and employees. President Jill Popelka, Senior Vice President Meg Bear, who runs the Product, Engineering, and Operations organization, and Senior Vice President Amy Wilson, who heads the Products and Design team, work in harmony as a dynamic, determined, talented, and accomplished team achieving impressive results.

It’s Time to Change the Way We Think About Job Descriptions​

Once treated as an afterthought or simply as a compliance necessity, the job description is now seen as strategic content (much more than a document) that, when managed properly, can support key HR processes by helping to set clear hiring requirements and performance expectations and by providing critical infrastructure for workforce planning, succession planning, leadership and career development. To achieve this, organizations are taking a fresh look at how job descriptions are written, how they are managed, and how they integrate with both core HR technology and the entire talent management suite.

“Women in Tech” Q&A with Bethany Johnston, Corporate HRIS Manager, Northwest Pipe​

Bethany Johnston, Northwest Pipe’s (NWP) Corporate HRIS Manager, says that the work she contributed to an implementation project completed in 2019 — which helped the company increase its visibility into labor scheduling, provide real-time workforce data to the finance team, and improve decision making with data analysis — led to her progression from an HR and safety manager in the field to her current role. Read NWP’s full case study story, “Strategic Workforce Management Drives Agile Decision Making at Northwest Pipe: How One National Manufacturer Improved Job Efficiency and Continues to Deliver On a 50+ Year Commitment to Quality,” which appears online and in the Q4 edition of SAPinsider Magazine.

Strategic Workforce Management Drives Agile Decision Making at Northwest Pipe​

Technology is changing not only the future of work, but the workforce itself. Hiring models have moved from planning for a permanent workforce to instead hiring more contingent workers; scheduling has become more flexible in response to employee demands for work-life balance; and most recently, the global pandemic has put an increased focus on distributed workforces. As a result of this increased variability, it is essential for organizations to ensure effective staffing, forecasting, scheduling, and real-time adjustments to optimize productivity. Concentrating on strategic workforce management is one way that SAP customers, such as Northwest Pipe Company, are adapting to the future of work.

​In Today’s World, How Can Organizations Keep Their Talent Exceptional and Motivated?​

Work today doesn’t look like it did a year ago. While the essence of work is still the same — talent drives the business — in today’s world, how can companies keep their talent exceptional? The key to achieving this is the main takeaway from today’s opening keynote of SuccessConnect 2020 — organizations need to consider employees’ feeling, enable them to connect with one another, and provide the opportunities, learning, and development so they can be the best they can be.

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