Operational Intelligence for Order Fulfillment in a Post-COVID World

Operational Intelligence for Order Fulfillment in a Post-COVID World

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Order Fulfillment is a critical aspect of operations in most companies. Hiccups in your supply chain can impact this significantly. Keeping your supply chain resilient in the face of global uncertainties and unexpected disruptions requires a fresh approach. Continuous intelligence about your supply chain that enables optimized decision making and automation of outcomes is key. What is called for is a system that is real-time, leverages AI (machine learning) and automation, and continuously monitors your processes to provide actionable intelligence in order to remedy anomalies and better tune your operations for the future so you can satisfy customer demand and manage your margins and costs much better. Such a system delivers better visibility, keener intelligence, optimized decisions and proactive actions giving you an edge in a world of uncertainty.
Attend this comprehensive session to:
- Learn how a process focus with real-time operational intelligence can provide you with the tools you need to better safeguard your order fulfillment capabilities, functioning across a diverse technology landscape beyond SAP
- Explore the use of rich storyboards to visualize data and consume intelligence about your operations in order to better optimize your decisions and automate suitably
- Uncover the capabilities that can work seamlessly with your SAP suite (SAP S/4HANA or earlier) to give you better outcomes

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