Not 2 but 4 Billion Reasons to Choose Hitachi for your SAP HANA Environment

Not 2 but 4 Billion Reasons to Choose Hitachi for your SAP HANA Environment

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Back in July I published a blog 2 Billion Reasons to Choose Hitachi for Your SAP HANA Environment where we were first for 2 Billion records.  I am excited to announce that we have now beat that now with 4 Billion records!  On Oct 26, 2016, SAP, on behalf of the SAP Benchmark Council, certified (Certification number: 2016052) the latest SAP BW Advance Mixed Load Benchmark (BW-AML Benchmark) where Hitachi now ranks first for the 4 billion initial record load, see Benchmark Results.

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Once again for this of us at Hitachi, these results are no surprise. Hitachi’s converged platform, Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP), continues to provide customers with a platform designed to meet the performance demands of the most data intensive SAP HANA environments.

I recently came across an interesting article in Time magazine that discussed the massive volumes of data that humanity generates with some estimates putting it 2.5 quintillion (that is 18 zeros!)  bytes of data generated daily in the world.  My mind just starts spinning thinking about this amount of data.  The article notes that Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, estimated that every two days, humanity creates quantity of data equivalent to the entire amount created from the dawn of time up until 2002, and he made this statement 6 years ago.  According to the article, everyday humanity tweets 500 million times, watches 4 billion videos Facebook and shares 70 million photos on Instagram.  And now with the growth of the Internet of Things, everything from the vending machines to cars to pacemakers are equipped with sensors. All these objects leave a digital trail. In a 2014 study,  IDC estimated that the world of digital data will grow by factor of 10 from 2013 to 2020 to 44 trillion gigabytes or 44 zettabytes.  There is no question the world is rich in data but without the right technologies in place to intelligently parse through that data and extract usable and actionable information in a timely manner, you will see increasing diminishing returns.  So, making the complexity comprehensible and extracting meaning from it is what companies like SAP are doing with SAP HANA.

More and more business are using real time analytics to make intelligent business decisions. It is a must a in very competitive global market.   With the power of the SAP HANA platform, customers can access data that they could not previously access economically and in real time and Hitachi’s UCP is just the high performance converged platform they need for this environment.

SAP-AML Benchmark Result Details

The SAP BW Advanced Mixed Load (BW-AML) Standard Application Benchmark performed on , 2016, by Hitachi in Kanagawa, Japan, with a total of 4,000,000,000 records, was certified by SAP on behalf of the SAP Benchmark Council on Oct 8, 2016 with the following data:


Benchmark Phase 1


Number of initial records






Operating System, DB Server                   

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 12

Operating System, Application Servers    

SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11



Technology Platform Release

SAP NetWeaver 7.50

Database server

Hitachi Compute Blade 520XB3, 4 processors / 96 cores/192 threads, Intel Xeon Processor E7-8890 v4, 2.20 GHz, 64 KB L1 cache and 256 KB L2 cache per core, 60 MB L3 cache per processor, 1536 GB main memory


This latest world record from Hitachi is achieved using an everyday 4 socket server that can be found in most customer data centers today.  It will deliver customers the performance they need for their environment without the added complexity or cost.

SAP and Hitachi are strong strategic partners and over the last few years Hitachi has made some significant investments to create an entire eco-system around SAP and this benchmark result shows the results of this partnership. This collaboration has only gotten stronger since the release of SAP HANA and we have been there with SAP since the beginning of this journey.  And now both companies are helping customers make their digital transformation journey a reality.

Stay informed by connecting with Hitachi on our SAP Community.


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