Modernizing Logistics and Inventory Tracking Benchmark Report

Modernizing Logistics and Inventory Tracking Benchmark Report

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In This Report:

Supply chain visibility has been a pain point for companies across industries for many years. But the magnitude of repercussions from lack of visibility has increased exponentially in recent years, and the primary reason is evolving customer behavior and demand. Organizations today serve customers who are much more demanding and expect an immaculate customer experience. In supply chain parlance, this translates into the expectation of receiving the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time. The supply chains that most organizations need to leverage to deliver customer expectations are becoming increasingly complex due to global footprints, product proliferation, systems complexity, and evolving intricacies of key processes like logistics and inventory management. These complexities lead to more risk exposure across the supply chain. This increased risk, in turn, significantly increases the probability of supply chain disruptions, which may then impact customer satisfaction.

Read the report to:

  • Discover what drives logistics and inventory tracking modernization.
  • Understand how SAPinsiders meet their logistics and inventory tracking modernization drivers.
  • Find out which technologies are being used to support modernization strategies.
  • Learn the top requirements for successful inventory tracking modernization.
  • Gain your steps to success.



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