Video Q &A with Ratheesh Ravindran, COO, OpsVeda on Operational Intelligence

Video Q &A with Ratheesh Ravindran, COO, OpsVeda on Operational Intelligence

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By Kumar Singh, Research Director, Automation and Analytics, SAPinsider


The rapid emergence of fields like data science, advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and adoption of cloud computing are disrupting the field of business analytics. One category of analytics tool that is ripe for disruption is Business Intelligence (BI) tools. BI tools have been around in some form for more than four decades and like all other business analytics tools, are evolving to catch-up with business trends in the digital age. Considering this evolution, many SAPinsiders who have been leveraging BI tools for a long time have a question on top of their minds – “What is going to be the future of BI tools?”.

At SAPinsider, we have encountered this question from SAPinsiders so many times that we have a research report coming up this fall, titled “Future of Business Intelligence”.

While there are many aspects and features that are evolving as BI tools evolves, one key aspect is the transition from leveraging BI tools as providing historical insights into “what happened” to being tools that also provide insights on “what is happening” and “what can happen”. And this is where Operational Intelligence comes into picture. Operational Intelligence is an evolving transformation of BI and SAPinsider recently had the opportunity to sit with Ratheesh Raveendran, COO of OpsVeda, an AI based Operational Intelligence platform, to discuss the current state of Operational Intelligence and the path it is headed on. To get detailed insights into what Operational Intelligence means, you can refer this article:

You can watch the full video here:

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