Improve Operation Efficiency With SAP Process Mining

Improve Operation Efficiency With SAP Process Mining

Organizations are facing increased pressure to optimize and improve operational efficiency. Whether the driving force is cost savings, customer experience, or regulatory demands, understanding and resolving process bottlenecks is a key goal in any corporate strategy. In this session, see how Process Mining, a new analytical discipline, is helping companies understand, analyze, and control operational challenges in their order to cash cycle by:

- Streamlining and establishing consistent practices across the organization
- Identifying process improvement opportunities in order processing, delivery creation, and outbound logistics
- Optimizing processes to remove unwanted bottlenecks by changing credit limits, delivery blocks, and incomplete orders
- Gaining insight into on-time and in-full delivery, cycle time automation, and change rates to improve both cost-to-serve and customer experience
- Reimagining order-to-cash business processes to enable SAP S/4HANA digital transformation

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