Using Financial Analytics to Unlock Data Insights

Using Financial Analytics to Unlock Data Insights

Webinar - On-Demand

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Watch this fireside chat with top experts who will discuss practical strategies for integrating SAP data with modern analytics to accelerate business insights for finance professionals. As a finance team, you want to become the most strategic partner to your organization’s lines of business. But are you tired of waiting for never-ending processes to gather and reconciling data during financial close? Are your executives and stakeholders demanding that you modernize financial reporting and analytics to produce timely actionable business insights, optimize working capital and control operating expenses? This practical webinar will address these questions and also help you:

  • Unlock insights hidden in SAP data
  • Apply strategies to integrate SAP data with a modern cloud platforms and modern analytics that can accelerate financial close, reporting, and insights
  • Enhance financial controls and cost management to improve P&L and operating visibility

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