How Radiant Logistics Became Digital In Finance

How Radiant Logistics Became Digital In Finance

Any organization seeking to further its growth and extend its market reach needs to find ways to increase efficiency, particularly when it comes to time-consuming manual processes. Radiant Logistics was no exception — it continually looks for ways to optimize its global business processes. In 2018, the company seized the opportunity to streamline, digitize, and automate the previously manual processes of its shared-services accounts payable (A/P) department and try to become a paperless enterprise. In this session, you will explore:

- How to capture vendor invoices intelligently
- How to use the SAP Workflow with a best practice configuration
- Digital archiving for any document, and how to find documents easy by full-text search
- How to get vendors engaged on a vendor portal and how to use a vendor file within SAP to have more control
- A live ROI analysis of an audience given case

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