SAP Integration Suite’s Dynamic API Management and Graph Capabilities

Key Takeaways

⇨ APIs are business critical assets and, as such, must be carefully managed.

⇨ API management provides IT with the means to securely manage its priceless APIs.

⇨ The Graph capability of SAP Integration Suite introduces curated, semantically connected business data graphs to access all business data through a single API.

Develop personalized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) using SAP Integration Suite's API Management and Graph capabilities. This solution offers a framework for businesses to create, manage, and optimize APIs.

You will:

Understand the fundamentals of API management and the role of SAP Integration Suite's APIs.
Explore the Graph capabilities within SAP Integration Suite.
Learn the process of creating and configuring custom APIs.
Familiarize yourself with best practices, security measures, and performance optimization techniques.

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