Drive actions and gain insights from the transformation of your SAP Finance data

Drive actions and gain insights from the transformation of your SAP Finance data

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When it comes to securing SAP S/4HANA business applications, organizations tend to face three key challenges: 

1. How to enable the application security team to prioritize the necessary cybersecurity actions
2. How to give the CISO insight into application security risk activities
3. How to bridge the gap between the problems faced by the CISO and the problems faced by the rest of the C-suite

One potential way to address these challenges is by building a cybersecurity dashboard using SAP Analytics Cloud and its integration with SAP security solutions, a concept in which several SAP customers have expressed interest, and which SAP is planning to build by working together with customers. 

The idea is to create a customizable dashboard that combines the feeds from various cybersecurity solutions, analyzes attacks, and suggests actions for the application security team to prioritize. The dashboard would also give CISOs a snapshot of what their teams are doing at any point in time so they can adjust operations if necessary. In addition, the dashboard would help the board understand how cybersecurity risks can affect strategic business objectives, and make better decisions based on risk mitigation, by providing insight into the monetary value of cybersecurity risks and into the company’s overall risk management status.

Join this session to:

- Understand the organizational benefits of creating a cybersecurity dashboard. 
- Explore the different types of information that can be included in the dashboard. 
- Learn how you can create a dashboard in SAP Analytics Cloud

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