Data Management and Data Warehousing in the Cloud Benchmark Webinar

In This Webinar:

Data Management and Data Warehousing in the Cloud Benchmark Report

In today’s world of exponentially exploding data, merely using data to analyze and report on business performance is table stakes. We have entered an era where data itself is now a valuable raw material that can be mined to deliver innovation, drive user experience, and provide competitive advantage. The leaders today in every vertical are companies with data culture which helps them squeeze value out of their massive data stores and leave their competition far behind.

While there are many factors that go into this data utopia, in this webinar, SAPinsider explores one vital factor – their data management and data warehousing approaches, especially in the cloud. We surveyed 213 members of our community in September and October of 2021 to understand their enterprise data strategy, their deployment venues and cloud plans, their use of data tools and orchestration solutions, and their master data management approaches.

Attend the webinar to:

  • Learn the challenges that your peers are facing in data warehousing and how they are successfully overcoming these challenges.
  • Discover the strategies they are using to optimize Data Warehousing/Data Management in the Cloud, and the results they are experiencing.
  • Understand the latest trends in data warehousing, and what is driving the adoption of Data Management in the Cloud.
  • Gain insights as you have your questions answered in the webinar.

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