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Cash Management and Cash Visibility – Research Report

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Cash management is a critical function for any organization. In order to make sound business decisions, organizations need to be aware of their current cash position and future cash needs. Accurate forecasting is essential to effective cash management. Organizations need to be able to anticipate changes in their cash position and take steps to ensure that they have sufficient funds on hand to meet their obligations. A variety of factors can impact an organization’s cash needs, including changes in revenue, expenses, and investment activity.

To better understand the state of cash management and cash visibility for SAP customers in the current operating environment, we surveyed 110 members of our community between April and June of 2022. The research identified some major trends in the organizational priorities and challenges around cash management and cash visibility:

  • We see demand from executives for more accurate, timely, and harmonized cash reporting the top driver impacting their organizational approach to cash management. This demand is coming from executives who need better visibility into the cash position of their organizations to make sound business decisions.
  • Only 57% of SAPinsiders said they were satisfied with their level of cash visibility from current cash management processes and solutions.  The challenges executives face in achieving cash visibility are numerous and varied, but some common challenges include lack of human capital resources for innovation, limited buy-in from decision-makers, data sources that are not integrated, manual processes, and siloed information.
  • Cash forecasting and procure-to-pay represent core pain points impacting the cash management process for SAPinsiders.
  • Organizations are prioritizing initiatives to help implement efficient E2E cash management processes and automation

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