PreBilt™ – Watches of Switzerland Case Study

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Key Takeaways

⇨ PreBilt™ mobile solution has streamlined WOSG's supply chain operations by allowing end-to-end activities on a mobile device, resulting in real-time SAP updates and a better customer experience.

⇨ Digitization has reduced time lag, improved location management, and sped up processes, leading to a 92% reduction in pick errors, 28% increase in putaway accuracy, and 25% increase in pick speed.

⇨ PreBilt's direct integration with SAP and simplified GUI transactions have made it a good choice for WOSG, enabling quick and easy execution of processes on the spot.

The Watches of Switzerland Group (WOSG), the UK’s largest luxury watch retailer, operates a central warehouse and distribution facility, which serves all its UK stores. To improve warehouse operational efficiency and productivity, WOSG identified the need to move away from paper-based systems and digitize some of its processes. PreBilt™, an out-of-the-box mobile solution for the SAP supply chain, was deployed by The Config Team to manage stock movements within the group’s DC. PreBilt™ has enabled users to carry out end-to-end supply chain activities from a mobile device, with the transactions directly updated in SAP in real-time. Results of the implementation include reducing pick errors by 92%, increasing putaway accuracy by 28%, and increasing pick speed by 25%, and enhancing customer experience.

Find out how the Watches of Switzerland Group improved its warehouse operational efficiency and productivity with PreBilt™ in this case study.

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