Revolutionizing SAP Integration: Emphasys’ Breakthrough with a Cosmetic Giant

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Streamlined SAP integration led to a significant reduction in interfaces, from 6000+ to under 800

⇨ Redesigned interfaces using ODATA APIs enhanced sales order processing speeds beyond set targets

⇨ The client benefited from Emphasys' advanced tools, resulting in cost savings and minimized production risks.

Emphasys collaborated with a global cosmetic company, undergoing a massive business transformation, to simplify its SAP S/4HANA integration. By analyzing the existing legacy systems and redesigning key interfaces, they significantly reduced integration scopes and optimized sales order processing. This intervention allowed the creation of 100,000 sales order items in under 7 minutes, surpassing the set target. The Global Solution Delivery Lead lauded Emphasys for its expertise and tools that reduced costs, time, and risks in production.

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