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Mercury Lighting Solutions “Phocas Illuminates a Pathway to Success for Mercury

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Mercury uses Phocas to gain market intelligence, improve customer service, and enhance sales team motivation, achieving better customer service and increased sales.

⇨ Phocas helps Mercury mine value from SAP Business One data, providing accurate reporting, evaluating business state, and improving supplier vetting, leading to reduced costs and better decision-making.

⇨ Mercury's decision to deploy Phocas was influenced by endorsements from trusted peers, and the software has exceeded their expectations, providing simplicity, intuitiveness, and valuable insights into their data, ultimately driving business growth.

The company uses SAP Business One for its ERP, which is data rich beyond anything that the company can use, according to Tordjman. Having all the data is great, but the biggest challenge for Mercury was mining value from the information. The company would run sales reports for sales persons, letting them know what they sold last month, but that was the extent of reporting.

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