Material Master Solution helps American Supplier and Manufacturer Scale Its Business

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Key Takeaways

⇨ The Material Master solution labor savings alone provided less than a 2.5-year return on investment

⇨ Adding Customer Master and Vendor Master solutions the ROI will accelerate to approximately 18 months

⇨ Savings were realized by eliminating the 'push and pull' SharePoint workflow process and data quality was dramatically improved.

Business growth demanded an automated solution for SAP Material Master adjustments that would ensure data integrity, business rule compliance, visibility into the process, and eliminate manual data entry. The solution(s) also needed to be scalable to support an aggressive growth plan imposed by upper management. The company was utilizing a complex Excel-based form (template) in conjunction with SharePoint workflow to collect data from various business users.

Read this case study to learn how the largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite moldings in North America implemented a scalable solution.

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