Florida Power & Light switches on Rev-Trac

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Key Takeaways

⇨ FPL achieved a 90% improvement in managing SAP change and a 75% reduction in production outages by automating its SAP change control processes with Rev-Trac.

⇨ Automation has eliminated high-risk manual intervention, freeing up FPL's IT team to focus on innovative products and services instead of just system maintenance.

⇨ With Rev-Trac, FPL can confidently meet stringent audit requirements with less time and effort, support agile and DevOps, and align with business demand.

Florida Power & Light (FPL), one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, faced challenges with its increasingly complex SAP landscape. The volume of SAP change increased rapidly, and problems such as overtakes, overwrites, and collisions of changes generated outside of production threatened stability. FPL realized that its existing change control tools were no longer sufficient and selected Rev-Trac change control automation technology to manage its SAP change management methods. The software provided the level of enforcement required to reduce high-risk tasks and streamline its audit processes to meet strict regulations. Automating its SAP change processes has resulted in a 90% reduction in manual effort and time spent on audit tasks, a 75% reduction in production outages, and a 50-70% increase in the volume of change delivered to the business.

Read the case study to discover how Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), overcame IT challenges and enhanced its SAP change control processes with the help of Rev-Trac change control automation technology.

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