Emphasys and Schneider Electric: Crafting a Global Sales Portal for the Future

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Schneider Electric successfully implemented an online sales portal integrated with their SAP backend across 50+ countries.

⇨ With Emphasys' expertise, the solution was designed, developed, and launched in a rapid 10-week timeframe.

⇨ The solution stood the test of time, serving as Schneider Electric's global platform for over seven years, handling close to 2B Euros in sales.

Schneider Electric SE, a French multinational, specialized in digital automation and energy management, needed an online portal for global sales order placement. Schneider adopted a 3rd party online store and, with the assistance of Emphasys, integrated it with their global SAP backend. Within 10 weeks, the solution was piloted and subsequently deployed across 50 countries, functioning as their Global Platform for over seven years.

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