Case Study – VAS AERO

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Key Takeaways

⇨ VAS Aero Services significantly improved its shipping efficiency and compliance by implementing ShipERP, replacing manual processes and disjointed order processing.

⇨ The integration of ShipERP centralized VAS Aero Services' shipping activities, allowing for easy management of hundreds of thousands of carrier freight charges and real-time legal compliance.

⇨ The streamlined logistics flow and access to integrated shipping carriers post-implementation saved VAS Aero Services time and financial resources, enabling a focus on delivering quality assurance services and maintaining its reputation in the global aviation market.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, VAS Aero Services is a leading provider of aftermarket services in the aviation industry. The company has developed one of the largest portfolios of quality aviation assets in the aftermarket since its start in 1979, cultivating unparalleled customer relationships with industry-leading airlines;  maintenance, repair, and operation services (MRO); and original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

VAS Aero Services used individual shipping carrier portals to rate shop and track shipments. Because of this manual process, the company faced issues involving disjointed order processing that took up more time than needed and challenged the company’s internal productivity. As a result, it required an automated shipping software solution that would connect to the rest of their business systems and processes.


VAS Aero Services concluded that it needed to consolidate its supply chain management process. They discovered ERP Integrated Solutions, Inc. to provide VAS Aero Services with an out-of-the-box shipping solution called ShipERP to save the company time and financial resources from developing the software themselves. The VAS Aero Services team’s goal was to “move away from utilizing multiple carrier kiosks and Microsoft Excel to employing transportation management, streamlining freight consolidation, and financial auditing within SAP,” states Jacob Molko, Sr. IT Director at VAS Aero Services.



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