Case Study: Driving Governance at Bridgestone

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Bridgestone Australia's need for effective management of financial risk in their SAP system led them to Soterion's GRC solution.

⇨ Customizing the solution helped the team avoid conflicts in the same role, review the rule set, and use SOD to define mitigating controls.

⇨ Regular review of mitigating controls is necessary to ensure their relevance and prevent revoking a role which can be difficult with a large number of users.

Bridgestone Australia faced challenges in managing financial risk in their SAP system with a growing team. After investigating several options, they discovered Soterion’s GRC solution which provided a clear picture of their financial risk in the business, enabling the team to present the stats to the risk committee and executive team providing peace of mind to all. By customizing the solution, Bridgestone ensured no conflicts in the same role, reviewed the rule set, and used segregation of duties (SOD) to define mitigating controls, among other things.

Read the case study to learn about the challenges Bridgestone faced, their search for a commercial solution, and the key lessons they learned from their implementation.

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