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Case Study – Belimo America

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Belimo Americas significantly decreased order processing time from 10 minutes to 10 seconds with the ShipERP integrated shipping software

⇨ The implementation of ShipERP allowed Belimo Americas to streamline shipping processes, reduce costs, and improve rate negotiations with carriers.

⇨ The success of ShipERP at Belimo Americas led its parent company, Belimo Holding AG, to adopt the solution across its global divisions for enhanced efficiency and real-time visibility.

Based in Danbury, Connecticut, Belimo Americas is a division within BELIMO Holding AG, an established international group of organizations that produces innovative HVAC solutions while providing excellent customer satisfaction. The HVAC leader is responsible for serving building contractors, engineering teams,
and contract consultants on time without any errors so that they can fulfill residential and commercial building projects on schedule. Previously, Belimo Americas utilized multiple external supply chain management programs to fulfill sales order processing tasks. The lack of streamlined collaboration between these programs made it difficult to improve on its core values – operational excellence, credibility, and trust.

An example of this involves the lack of consistent freight rates provided to customers, which challenged customer service and satisfaction rates. Furthermore, Belimo Americas required rate shopping, high visibility, an enhanced SAP Web Service, and efficient interconnectivity in an integrated shipping software to deliver
products faster than ever.




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