The Benefits of Simplifying Your Communication Channels: Streamlining SAP Output with Floe and Looply

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Simplifying SAP Output with Floe and Looply improves efficiency, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness.

⇨ Benefits include enhanced productivity, better teamwork, and reduced operational costs.

⇨ Floe optimizes external communication, while Looply streamlines internal processes, leading to improved business performance and employee satisfaction.

In any working environment, effective communication is essential for maintaining efficiency, boosting productivity, and delivering effective collaboration. However, as the number of IT systems in use has proliferated many organizations have started to struggle with managing multiple communication channels and outputs. Frustratingly, they are starting to face rising complexity in their UI and frustration among employees. Simplifying communication channels, within SAP environments and in other applications deployed, offers numerous significant benefits and innovative solutions like Floe and Looply can play a key role in achieving this goal.

Streamlining SAP Output Communication

SAP systems serve as the backbone of many organizations, brilliantly managing critical business processes and data. However, the communication channels within SAP-centric environments can become be fragmented, with notifications and calls to action springing from diverse platforms and systems. Fragmentation like this can be avoided and the work of simplifying those output communications can be key to unlocking more of the full potential of SAP systems.

The Benefits of Simplifying Communication Channels

The rationale for such a simplification has five aspects:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

By consolidating SAP output communication channels, organizations can streamline processes, reduce duplication of effort, and minimize the time spent searching for information, so generating improved efficiency and productivity and freeing employees to focus on value-adding tasks.

  1. Improved Collaboration and Teamwork

With clear and streamlined channels for communication and information sharing, teams can work together more effectively, leading to increased innovation and better problem-solving.

  1. Cost Savings and Resource Optimization

Simpler communication lowers cost by freeing up time to be used for added-value activity. They should be opportunities to focus on fewer tools to communicate, reducing operational cost further.

  1. Better User Experience and Engagement

Intuitive interfaces, delivered in the appropriate channel and combined with straightforward to manage, adaptable processes, allow employees to navigate communication channels more easily. Happier staff are more engaged and fulfilled because it is easier to spend time on valuable tasks, not firefighing a stream of disparate notifications.

  1. Enhanced Security and Compliance

Finally, it is important to improve security and compliance by using the right tools effectively and abandoning those that can be made redundant. Fewer tools should mean more skilled use and fewer lapses.

Leveraging Floe and Looply for your SAP Communication Strategy

Floe: Optimizing External Communication

Floe is a powerful SAP add-on designed to streamline external communication processes. With Floe, organizations can design and generate dynamic correspondence for multiple business processes, including emails, PDFs, text messages, and web pages. Floe’s rich functionality and easy-to-use interface empower business users to take ownership of SAP output templates, enabling them to respond quickly to changes in business requirements and deliver engaging communication to external partners, customers, and suppliers. Floe can replace multiple other approaches and gives an organisation a strong foundation for a simpler communication strategy.

Looply*: Accelerating Internal Processes

Looply is a cloud platform that integrates enterprise systems with Microsoft Teams, simplifying internal communication processes by bring a wide variety of notifications, calls to action and decision capture events into the platform that many employees use every day.

Looply enables users to stay informed and make decisions quickly and easily without switching between different applications. Organizations can streamline internal processes, improve collaboration, and accelerate decision-making, delivering the simplification benefits described above.


Simplifying communication channels within SAP environments offers significant benefit for organizations, and innovative solutions like Floe and Looply can play a crucial role in achieving these benefits by streamlining output communication processes and allowing organizations to get the most from both external and internal communication channels.


Leveraging these solutions as part of their SAP communication simplification strategy, organizations can improve both their business performance and the working lives of their staff, two worthwhile and very achievable outcomes!

* Looply will be launched at SAPinsider Las Vegas in March 2024.   Find out more at

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