Blog: Self-service BI directly on SAP BW

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Direct query connects to the data source without data duplication, preserving data integrity and governance, which is crucial for SAP BW and HANA environments.

⇨ BI tools like Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau are limited in their direct querying capabilities with SAP BW, often requiring data duplication and compromising security and governance.

⇨ Pyramid's query engine, PYRANA, operates natively in MDX or SQL, enabling full utilization of SAP BW and HANA capabilities without compromising self-service functionality, governance, or security.

Pyramid is an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem and is fully certified by SAP on SAP BW/4HANA, SAP HANA, and SAP Netweaver. The Pyramid Platform is also available on the SAP Store.

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