SAP and Collibra Expand Partnership to Address AI Governance needs of Customers

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Key Takeaways

⇨ rusted Data for AI: SAP Datasphere and Collibra enable enterprises to govern SAP and non-SAP data, ensuring trusted data for all users, which is critical for AI applications.

⇨ Essential AI Governance: Effective AI governance is crucial to manage data quality, prevent bias, and ensure ethical AI usage, mitigating significant risks and potential damages.

⇨ Collibra and SAP Partnership: The collaboration between Collibra and SAP focuses on integrating data and AI governance, allowing enterprises to manage AI development and ensure data accuracy and trustworthiness.

SAP Datasphere and Collibra offer enterprises a business data fabric architecture that can govern SAP and non-SAP data, delivering trusted data to all users no matter where it resides. 

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