Analytics And Data Visualization Best Practices

Analytics And Data Visualization Best Practices

This session provides best practices for effective analytics application design and data visualization, including detailed, step-by-step approach which can be applied right away as part of your next analytics project. Gain best practice strategies for every stage of your project — from requirements gathering, to prototyping and deployment. You will:
• Get a useful checklist of best practices for building easy-to-consume analytics artifacts (dashboards, storyboards, visualization) , including critical design and performance considerations
• Focus on a common set of dashboard design rules, such as the usage of different visualizations, colors, and text, as part of an overall dashboard design process
• Learn how to leverage a user persona model to create reliable and realistic representations of key user and stakeholder groups and effectively align business requirements
• Gain useful tips and techniques for prototyping, including guidelines for creating a user story and a list of resources
• Understand how agile elements and methodology can be leveraged
• Contrast best practices with less successful design examples
• Learn a proven approach to gather requirements and turn those requirements quickly into compelling analytics applications

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