Directly Populate User-Defined Hierarchies


  1. Webinar On-Demand: Customer Experiences in Modernizing SAP Applications with a Cloud Operating Model

    How can I get the simplicity of the cloud while maintaining control of the data? How can I increase business flexibility and redundancy? How can I better tie IT costs to business use? These are common challenges in the market that are driving companies to consider a hyperconverged infrastructure for their SAP solutions. In this…...…
  2. Directly Populate User-Defined Hierarchies

    Reading time: 43 mins

    You can create your own hierarchies for custom InfoObjects and populate them to meet unique business requirements. This requires only one extraction, transformation, and loading step. Key Concept A directly populating hierarchy is possible from a DataSource of the hierarchy type only. There is no standard mechanism for creating such sources. R/3 allows you to…...…