SAP Consolidation Strategy: SAP BW-Based SEM-BCS vs. R/3 EC-CS


  1. Output management for SAP infrastructure image

    Video: Output Management’s Vital Role for SAP Customers

    When organizations with hundreds of SAP systems and thousands of printers in different parts of the world make big changes in their SAP architectures, ineffective output management add to the complexity and hamper the success of digital transformation initiatives. This is why it’s important to understand the vital role output management plays for SAP customers....…
  2. SAP Consolidation Strategy: SAP BW-Based SEM-BCS vs. R/3 EC-CS

    Reading time: 21 mins

    An integrated financial consolidation system is crucial to facilitate the month-end closing process. Weigh the functionalities of two SAP consolidation tools, EC-CS and Business Information Warehouse (BW)-based SEM-BCS. Key Concept Companies have a choice for consolidating their financial data between the R/3 EC-CS and BW-based SEM-BCS consolidation tools. The benefits of using SAP’s consolidation instruments…...…
  3. Align R/3 FI Accounting and SD Billing Document Numbers to Keep Everyone on the Same Page

    Reading time: 6 mins

    The standard R/3 system uses different number ranges for billing and accounting documents. If you want to make the accounting document number the same as the billing document number, you can adapt the number ranges. Then both the SD and FI teams can refer to the billing document or accounting document without extra steps. Key…...…
  4. Mobilize Your Technicians with Mobile Asset Management

    Reading time: 14 mins

    SAP Mobile Asset Management can enhance maintenance processes through distribution of data to technicians and engineers in the field. If you are planning to implement it, your project strategy should take some key points into account. Key Concept Preventive and corrective maintenance are basic best practices for a supply chain. SAP Mobile Asset Management (MAM)…...…
  5. RFID Primer for the SAP SCM Professional

    Reading time: 13 mins

    Introducing RFID to a shop floor, warehouse, or retail environment requires that the SAP professional learn about new kinds of hardware and standards. Discover the differences among the different RFID tags and readers, and see how you might integrate them into an SAP landscape. Key Concept The SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) integrates data from smart-item…...…
  6. Developing iViews for SAP Enterprise Portal with the Portal Development Kit for .NET

    Reading time: 31 mins

    These are some of the major tasks for a BW to HANA migration. by Peter Graf, Vice President of Marketing, SAPMarkets SAPinsider - 2000 (Volume 1), June (Issue 1) by Peter Graf, Vice President of Marketing, SAPMarkets SAPinsider - 2000 (Volume 1), June (Issue 1) by Karl Kessler and Joachim Jakob, SAP AG SAPinsider -…